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Man Accused Of Attempting To Rob Texas Police Station

Well, the joke’s on him.

An 18-year-old man, who said he was joking when he allegedly entered a suburban Dallas police station demanding money and later saying he had a gun, has been jailed and charged with robbery and theft.

Keithan Kennard Manuel is in Dallas County jail with bonds totaling $300,000 after the incident at the Wilmer Police Department, 15 miles south of Dallas. Carl Hays, Manuel’s attorney, didn’t return messages from The Associated Press seeking comment on Tuesday.Police records show Manuel walked into the police station Saturday with a white towel over his hands, and told the dispatcher to hand over the stationhouse’s money. The records show Manuel changed his request to asking if there were any warrants against him, but, as the dispatcher checked, Manuel then said he had a gun. Two officers arrested him.-[source]

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