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House GOP Orders Holder To Cooperate On Gunwalker Probe

House Republican leaders on Friday sent a letter to Attorney General Herr Erich H. Holder Jr. demanding he comply with the GOP’s official investigation into Obama administration gun-running operation Fast & Furious, which allowed hundreds of guns to be sneaked across the border to Mexican cartels.

In the letter, Speaker John A. Boehner and his top lieutenants warn that the House will be prepared to “act to fulfill our constitutional obligations” — which could include holding Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress — and said he cannot hide behind separation of powers arguments.

The letter says Americans have lost confidence in the Justice Department’s leaders to be able to straighten the situation out themselves — though it does not call for Mr. Holder to step down.

“The American people deserve to know how such a fundamentally flawed operation could have continued for so long and have a full accounting of who knew of and approved an operation that placed weapons in the hands of drug cartels,” Mr. Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and investigative committee Chairman Darrel E. Issa said in the letter.-[source]

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