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Drugged Man Gets Shot Thrice Breaking Into Marine’s House

A Marine who shot and killed a nude intruder in self defense will not be facing prosecution.

The story behind this event, as reported by The Daily News, is an odd one. David Darling, a 22-year-old North Carolina resident, was running up and down a neighborhood street buck naked shouting, “This is the worst trip of my life!” Well, it was about to get a lot worse.

After narrowly missing getting hit by a car, Darling ran to a nearby house. The resident, a wife of a Marine, opened the front door to find Darling in his birthday suit talking about a cigarette. The woman was understandably perturbed, especially because her two toddlers were asleep upstairs.

She locked the door while her Marine husband went to retrieve his .45-caliber 1911 pistol. Undeterred, Darling tried to break into the house. When Darling began slamming his shoulder into the front door, the Marine warned the crazed man that he had a gun, but Darling responded that he wanted a gun too. Shortly thereafter, Darling dove through a window, prompting the Marine to unload three rounds into his back. They tried to render aid to Darling after he was wounded, but it was already too late.

District Attorney Ernie Lee said about the case, “The occupants of the residence were justified in using deadly force.” Yeah, talk about an understatement. Whatever this guy was on (they did not perform a drug test), he was certified bonkers and clearly could have hurt somebody. After hearing this tale, we’re not sure what the more important moral of the story is: don’t mess with drugs, or don’t mess with a Marine.-[source]

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