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NBC Shows Anti-Gun Bias . . . Again

In an attempt to combat failing ratings, try NBC’s Rock Center on Wednesday night aired another biased and sensationalized piece on Remington Arms, pilule and America’s firearms industry. The Rock Center reporter, approved Scott Cohn, has a well established anti-gun bias — as evidenced by his 2010 “story” on the Remington 700. Cohn and NBC alluded to an unwarranted government regulation of the firearms industry by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). There should be no doubt, last night’s segment was just another piece of agenda-driven “journalism” clearly designed to promote a CPSC takeover of the firearms industry.

Moreover, the firearms NBC chose to demonize were the Remington Model 870 and 1100 shotguns — firearms that have been in production for almost 60 years and are among the most popular models of shotguns in America. They are used by millions of sportsmen, target shooters and for home defense, as well as the U.S. military and thousands of law enforcement agencies all across the country. There are more than 20 million of these firearms in circulation through which billions upon billions of rounds have been fired without incident.-[source]

1 comment to NBC Shows Anti-Gun Bias . . . Again

  • CMYK

    Well, of course the Rem 1100 is evil — it’s AUTOMATIC. That’s practically an assault weapon, isn’t it? In fact, let’s just call it an assault weapon and assume that it has no place in a civilized America because nobody in his right mind would hunt with an assault weapon, would they? Of course not!

    I’ve got an 1100 and a 700 and they are well-built, safe, and effective weapons. These types of rifles and shotties are in just about every legitimate hunter’s gun safe; they’re kind of the foundation of the NRA’s argument that sportsman have a right to sporting arms. The left is no longer satisfied with going after chinese AK’s and Saturday night specials any more — they’re after my right to duck hunt. If this does not get your ass to the polls in November, then you don’t deserve the right to own.

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