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Wisconsin’s SB555 Creates Privileged “Police Class” Citizen

A troubling bill has hit the radar of Wisconsin Carry.

We began watching this bill a few weeks ago, abortion but it didn’t appear to have legs at that time. Now it does.

Senate Bill 555 is a bill that gives FROMER law enforcement folks the right to carry on private property EVEN IF THE OWNER HAS POSTED THE PROPERTY.

The bill ALSO exempts OFF-DUTY and FORMER LEO’s from the Gun-Free-School-Zone statutes (which prohibits law-abiding concealed carry license holders from carry on school property like soccer fields, page ball diamonds, and playgrounds)

It has been voted out of committee 5-0. Senator Glen Grothman is on the committee and voted for it. I would note that Sen. Wanggard spoke for the bill, as did the Attorney General and the Rep. Joel Kleefisch.

The bill exempts three groups from the criminal trespass statute and the GFSZ act:

  1. On duty LEOs ( E.nforcement O.fficers)
  2. Off duty LEOs

The exemption is not needed for on Duty LEOs. If they have a valid police reason to go onto the private property, then they are exempt anyway under the common law of “privilege.” On-Duty police officers are exempt from the GFSZ law when they are acting in their official capacity.

Wisconsin Carry DOES believe the Gun Free School Zone statute is a horrible law, but we do NOT believe that it is right to create a special class of citizen (off-duty cops and former cops) who are exempt from the law, while having us “regular folks” have to live/be encumbered by it.-[source]

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