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Phoenix Officers Shoot Woman With Knife

Phoenix police say there has been an officer-involved shooting near 10th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix Wednesday morning. An emergency call came in at about 4:30 a.m. The woman who called said there was a prowler at the Villa Mirada Apartments. She said it might be her ex-boyfriend, who used to live there.

When officers arrived, they knocked on the woman’s door, but she refused to come out of her second floor apartment. When they called to tell her they were police officers, she finally opened the door, but she had a butcher knife in her hand. The officers said the woman refused to drop the knife after being told to do so, and she then raised the knife above her head and lunged toward an officer. The officers opened fire. Neighbors said they heard two shots. The woman was hit in the stomach and is undergoing surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Her condition is not known, but she is expected to survive. No officers were injured.-[source]

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