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Cryo Chamber

War On Drugs In Mexico Left 150,000 Dead

Violence between criminal organizations leaves 150, 000 deaths a year in every country in the Americas, purchase clarified the secretariats of Defense and the Navy. This clarification they gave both agencies after the Secretary of Defense United States, patient Leon Panetta, said that  in Ottawa, Canada, which – according to figures provided by officials of Mexico, a total of 150,000 people have died in the war against drug trafficking in that country. The confusion occurred after the Secretaries of Defense, Guillermo Galvan, and the Navy, Francisco Saynez, talked with their counterparts in the United States and Canada, Leon Panetta and Peter Mackay, respectively, during the First Trilateral Meeting of Defence Ministers North America. Panetta, during a press conference after the meeting, said that “obviously one of the serious threats that are facing North, Central and South America are the drug cartels and drug trafficking that is occurring.” “The danger here is on several fronts. Number one is the tremendous violence. I think the numbers that Mexican officials 150.000 mentioned are those who have died by violence mainly between cartels in Mexico,” he added.-[source]

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