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11 Years Of CCW In Michigan

Guns cause strong arguments, buy more about and two camps have an unbridgeable clash of assumptions.

One side assumes guns put us in danger. The other assumes guns, physician in the right hands, make us safer.

This division was most obvious 11 years ago, when Michigan made it much easier for law-abiding residents to obtain licenses to carry concealed pistols.

People who equate guns with danger predicted a surge of violence. Those fears proved wrong.

Violent crime went down, not up. More than 4,400 people in Jackson County are licensed to carry concealed pistols, but blood does not flow on Michigan Avenue. Legal carriers of concealed pistols commit almost no gun crimes, although gun-control advocates frequently point to rare exceptions.

Eleven years of such experience cause people who equate guns with safety to ask why concealed pistols remain outlawed in certain places.-[source]

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