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Bill Protects Open Carry In Utah

The sponsor of a proposed Utah law says it would keep local police from citing someone for disorderly conduct for the open carrying of firearms.

But state Rep. Paul Clay, this web a Republican, more about says he doesn’t understand why more police don’t support his bill. “I wish I knew the real reason, illness ” Ray said on the state House floor when asked why police associations haven’t backed it, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The bill that would strip local municipalities of the ability to cite civilians for disorderly conduct for openly carrying a weapon in public passed the state House Tuesday, despite a long floor debate about whether it would hinder police from handling potential threats, the newspaper said..

Fraternal Order of Police lobbyist Kelly Atkinson said his group’s membership was divided on the bill, with some members saying it helps gun rights and others saying it put police in danger on the street.

The bill goes to the state Senate where President Michael Waddoups said he expected it to get strong debate in committee and on the floor. Though some senators might hesitate because of police concerns, he said, supporters of the Second Amendment right to carry firearms might enact it.-[source]

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