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Court Slaps Chicago’s Gun Grabbers

The federal judiciary is slowly coming to the realization that the Second Amendment actually means the public can have guns. That’s not sitting well with local politicians in Chicago and Washington who are determined to keep the public disarmed. On Wednesday, treat the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals made that harder by blowing away the claim that “gun violence” concerns justified rules depriving citizens of the right not only to own but also to use firearms in a responsible manner.

Ensuring the availability of places to practice safe shooting skills follows neatly from the Supreme Court’s rediscovery of the Second Amendment in the recent Heller and McDonald decisions. So a three-judge panel suspended the Windy City’s ban on firing ranges within city limits. This ordinance had been imposed as part of a suite of draconian regulations adopted after the high court struck down the city’s gun ban. Though one technically could own a sidearm, viagra order the process was made so complicated that the average law-abiding citizen was supposed to give up in frustration.-[source]

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