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Colo Court To Decide CCW On Campuses

Opponents of a campus gun ban at the University of Colorado told the state Supreme Court on Wednesday the ban is illegal because it was not approved by the Legislature.

Jim Manley, pilule representing a group of students promoting concealed carry of firearms on campus, said lawmakers would have listed universities as exceptions in a law passed in 2003 if they wanted guns banned on campus.

The Concealed Carry Act prohibits local governments from limiting concealed carry rights, with the only exceptions being K-12 schools, places where federal law bans it, public buildings with metal detectors and private property where owners object to concealed weapons.

Manley told the seven-member court the law was designed to fix a patchwork of confusing local laws.

“Clearly the Legislature wanted to create one statewide rule,” Manley said.-[source]

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