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AZ Governor Signs Bill To Authorize State Guard

Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday signed a bill authorizing the creation of a state guard — a militia force that could be mobilized if the National Guard is unavailable or “for any reason” considered necessary by the governor.

Brewer believed it was prudent to sign the bill giving her additional authority but has no immediate plans to actually create the force, spokesman Matt Benson said. “It doesn’t force the governor to do anything.”

The bill signed Thursday would authorize an Arizona governor to establish the state guard to protect lives and property. Under the bill, the governor could do that if the National Guard or a bit part of it is mobilized for federal duty or “for any reason the governor considers to be necessary.”

The Arizona Constitution authorizes a militia, and current state law specifies that the militia consists of the National Guard, the Arizona state guard “when organized” and the “unorganized militia.”-[source]

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