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Man Keeps Gun Pointed At Burglar Until Police Arrive

A Columbia man used his gun to make sure a would-be-thief stayed put until police arrived.

The incident happened early Tuesday morning in the 100 block of Texas Avenue, in the northwest section of town.

A woman called 911 around 1:45 a.m. to report that her husband was holding a man at gunpoint inside the couple’s car, according to police.

Police arrived and found Shamakeith Taylor, 27, inside a truck. Police said that Taylor initially resisted getting out of the truck but eventually complied.

The husband told police he went outside after hearing his dogs barking and seeing the lights on inside both of his cars.

Once outside, the man found a toolbox from one of his cars sitting on the ground and started looking around for the thief.

He eventually found Taylor sitting inside his truck and pulled out his gun and pointed it at Taylor until police arrived.

Police said Taylor had locked himself inside the truck.

Police report finding several stolen items on Taylor that had been taken from the couple’s other car. Taylor also had on him a cell phone that was stolen from a car that was parked at the Waffle House on Rangeline Street, police said.

Once police ran Taylor’s name and date of birth, they discovered he also had an active warrant out of Pettis County for Second Degree Robbery with a $75,000 bond.

Police arrested Taylor for the warrant as well as new charges of Felony Stealing, and one count of felony Receiving Stolen Property.

Taylor’s total bond is now at $84,000.-[source]

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