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Cryo Chamber

Kick In Doors And Ram Cars At Blackwater USA

Mr. Bignell is renowned for his ascots, adiposity English shooting vest and famous pink slacks. Now imagine this dignified British gentleman head-to-toe in black tactical gear, armed with a Mossberg pump, kicking in the door of a shoot room ready to neutralize a hostage situation.

With the same aplomb that Mr. Bignell morphed from chief executive of America’s finest purveyor of shotguns and rifles into a tactical gladiator, his proficiency from racing classic Jaguars at Goodwood, West Sussex was quite evident as he strapped himself into the driver’s seat of a beat-up reinforced Ford Crown Vic ready to strategically ram a car out of his way.

Now team up Mr. Bignell with Jim Sierawaski, the burly former Navy SEAL and Vice President of Domestic Training at U.S. Training Center (which the media still calls Blackwater USA and you can still purchase Blackwater gear in the pro shop). Together they concoct a mind-blowing shooting and high-speed driving training session whose price of admission is worth the bragging rights alone.-[source]

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