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M1 For Vets Fundraiser

This M1 Garand floor lamp has been created using an original USGI WWII Springfield Armory receiver. The receiver has been damaged and rendered unserviceable. With a couple of minor exceptions the remaining parts are also worn/damaged or otherwise unserviceable. No reproduction parts were used. The action of the rifle does not operate, tadalafil the trigger/safety also does not move.

The base is Alder wood, treatment and contains the laser etched emblems of all five of our armed services; US Air Force, viagra US Army, US Navy, United States Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard as a tribute to current and former members of armed forces. The base has also been autographed by the star of movie and television R. Lee Ermey Gunnery Sgt USMC.

The lamp is envisioned to be raffled off to raise needed funds for the M1 for Vets program, and ALL proceeds will be used for this effort. The winner will be drawn at Camp Perry Ohio at the conclusion of the 2011 Civilian Marksmanship Program National Games at Petrarca range.-[source]

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