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Brady Stalks Teenager, Brags About It

I recently had a discussion with a younger member of the Open Carry movement. He is of the opinion that we should try to use logic and reason with the Brady Bunch. He attributes their actions to “…a poor understanding of the right to openly bear arms and individual liberty in general…”

When I was much, pill much younger I too thought that truth would prevail whilst debating them back in the days when they were known as Handgun Control Incorporated. I got to know my enemy quite well. These are the same people who dropped a lot of acid back in the sixties and snorted a lot of cocaine in the seventies and eighties. Their brains are fried. They are incapable of logical thought.
Charles Cooke once remarked that one of the first things he learned as a young man working on the McGovern campaign was that seven percent of the population is stark raving, web barking at the moon, mad. He was baffled at how they were able to maintain a job and actually function in society. Unintentionally, he described the Brady Bunch perfectly.
These hollow people hate life, liberty and freedom. They believe that we have no right to defend ourselves and they believe we should all be denied the means to self-defense. There will be no reasoning with them. Their hate is all that fills that empty void that most people call a soul. Their brains are dead, their spirits are dead, their sole purpose for being is to destroy the individualism which sets our people apart and above the rest of the world,  as well as from the history of the world.-[source]

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