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Congress To Clinton:Revisit Decision On M1′s

U.S. senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle are urging Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to revisit the State Department’s March 2010 decision disallowing the importation of M1 rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea.

In a letter to Secretary Clinton, viagra buy Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and 15 other senators state that the importation disapproval “amounts to no more than a backdoor gun ban that lacks any basis or justification under current Federal law and policy” and “violates law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right, medications protected under the Second Amendment, sale to purchase these firearms for legitimate purposes such as target shooting, hunting, collecting, and self-protection.”

The senators question the department’s opinion that the rifles “could potentially be exploited by individuals seeking firearms for illicit purposes,” and request from Secretary Clinton “an explanation of your reasons for blocking the importation and sale of American-made rifles from South Korea.”-[source]

1 comment to Congress To Clinton:Revisit Decision On M1′s

  • Is a good question.
    What gives an unelected appointee the right to ban anything?
    I realize we have it happen all the time with appointees gooing above and beyond to legislate.
    Time for that and a helluvalot of other things to chenge!
    And not Obama’s idea of change either!!

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