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Latest On Heller vs. D.C. – Heller 2

In 1923, California enacted its first significant, statewide restriction on guns. Intended to keep Latinos and the Chinese from carrying concealed weapons it became a law used to deny just about everyone, except those with political connections, from carrying a concealed weapon. There are a few rural areas in the state which are the exception but most people in this state live in urban areas and are denied the means to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense (Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution states a right of self-defense).

Fortunately, the first Heller case which was decided by the United States Supreme Court has rung the death knell for the 1923 law thanks to the efforts of Ed Peruta who brought a case against the Sheriff and County of San Diego in Federal court. Chief Federal Judge Irma Gonzalez wrote that we have a right to carry a fully functional loaded handgun, and if the state of California won’t let us carry loaded handguns openly (1967 law) then the State must allow us to carry them concealed. This was even before the McDonald decision.-[source]

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