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A Blind Man And His Guns

Talk about an interesting Second Amendment case. Does a blind person enjoy the
constitutional right to own firearms?

That may sound like a great law school debate, but it was real life drama this week in state Superior Court, Morristown. The issue dates back to 1994 when a judge said that Steven Hopler of Rockaway Township could own guns and shoot them under supervision notwithstanding his lack of sight. A problem arose 14 years later when Hopler shot himself in the shin. When police investigated, they found a number of loaded guns strewn around the house, including one
in an oven mitt. Police confiscated those weapons.

A short while later, Hopler’s home was burglarized and more guns were stolen, one of which was used by a man in Passaic County to commit suicide.-[source]

1 comment to A Blind Man And His Guns

    Here’s the trailer for the 1971 spaghetti western “Blind Man” starring
    Tony Anthony and Ringo Starr.
    Anthony plays a blind man in search of banditos that stole 50 mail order brides he was delivering to a mining town.
    Not a problem for this rifleman, his lever rifle has a bayonet on the end and is also used as a walking stick.
    Any bad guys hiding quietly, and well enough to not get hit by this marksman by hearing, is done in by the use on TNT…
    People surprised at how well he gets from town to town soon realize when asked for directions, it’s best not to tell the Blind Man, tell it to his horse.

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