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Gun Proponents Sue Daley, Chicago

Four Chicagoans who already own handguns but want to keep more than one gun in their Chicago residences have sued the city and Mayor Daley, saying that the city’s limits on gun ownership passed in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling against Chicago’s previous gun ban prevents them from “exercising their fundamental right to keep and carry firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes.”

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in federal court in Chicago. The defendants include Brett Benson, 37, a trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange who owns a farm in central Illinois; Raymond Sledge, 53, a public elementary school teaching assistant who owns his own home but lives with his mother, who lives near a high-crime area on the South Side, in order to take care of her; and a Chicago couple — Kenneth Pacholski and Kathryn Tyler  — he works in aircraft restoration, she is a veterinarian. All the plaintiffs own multiple guns but keep them outside the city limits, the suit says. With the city’s new gun ordinance they can each possess one gun, but they’d like to be able to have more than one gun in the city, the suit says.

Additionally, Sledge wants to be able to carry his handgun outside his home in order to defend himself, but he is prevented from doing so by the city’s onew gun ordinance, the suit says. Also among the plaintiffs is the Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers, which counts among its members people who would like to sell firearms and open shooting ranges within the city, but are barred from doing so by the city’s newest gun ordinances.The suit claims that the city’s new ordinances “infringes upon, and imposes an impermissible burden upon, the plaintiffs’ right to keep and bear arms.” The suit also claims that a provision that limits gun possession to those between 18 and 20 years old only if they have the written consent of a parent or guardian who is not prohibited from having a state Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, violates the rights of those under 21 to keep and bear arms.-[source]

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