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AZ CCW Permit, Training Requirement Ends Thursday

In less than a week, buy Arizona residents will be allowed to carry a gun in their pocket or purse without needing paperwork to do so.  Senate Bill 1108, shop which allows people to carry concealed guns with no permit or safety training, information pills takes effect on July 29, the same day controversial immigration legislation is scheduled to begin enforcement. It makes Arizona the third state behind Alaska and Vermont, all supportive of gun rights.-[source]

2 comments to AZ CCW Permit, Training Requirement Ends Thursday

  • This is a great new piece of legislation that we are all excited about. Of course, even in light of the legislation, there are still places where firearms cannot be carried without the CCW permit (restaurants that serve alcohol, national parks, and into other states that have reciprocity agreements with Arizona, etc). That aside, the public appears to be ecstatic about the new law and our basic rights we have to protect ourselves and our families, as the classrooms of various firearms academies are filling up with an increased demand for training. Great work on the site, geekswithguns!

    K-Force Vanguard

  • There is also another overlooked benefit of owning a current CCW in Az.
    The requirements and background checks are more intense on those applying for the permit.
    As a result, anyone that has an Az CCW choosing to purchase a firearm can fill out the required BATFE Form 4473 and immediately leave with the purchased gun, without waiting for “government permission” to do so.
    While I am unsure if this can happen in other “shall issue” states, this foregoing FBI background checks has been under attack by a certain political party which shall remain nameless.
    This was one of my main reasons for keeping my CCW, it’s convenient for me.
    There have been times in the past where I waiting longer than the 3 maximum check before picking up my firearm.
    Now I’m in and out in 20 minutes, and the 4473 check is phoned in at the end of the business day, with all other CCW firearm purchases.
    I recall during 1998 and 99 the NICS “instant check” was down for “maintenence”(that’s convenient)for weeks at a time.
    So anyone needing or wanting a firearm that didn’t hold a CCW was basically screwed at the whim of a government buracracy.
    And in times of national emergency, when gun counters will be 10 deep with customers, a CCW will allow you to leave with your firearm without waiting your turn during a backlog of checks.
    The most beneficial information you obtain by taking a CCW class are the legalities of carrying and discharging your fiream.
    Using deadly force against another isn’t as easy as pulling the trigger and blowing the smoke out the end of your barrel. If someone is unaware of the law there are serious consequences. Taking a CCW class will give the student various thinking points of deadly force, including “escape” options.
    I don’t feel there will be an upsurge in shootings or accidents involving firearms as a result of Az’s new law. People already carry openly, even those that have never had a CCW.

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