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Illinois banning AR-15′s threatens jobs

Illinois House members are preparing to vote on a bill to ban the sale of certain firearms by Illinois gun manufacturers to Illinois residents.

The legislation would affect four area gun manufacturers — Springfield Armory and ArmaLite in Geneseo, try Rock River Arms in Colona and Lewis Machine and Tool in Milan — that employ several hundred people. Gun manufacturers say the bill — and other repeated gun legislation attempts — put undue stress on their workers while failing to solve the problems associated with crime.

The sales prohibition appears in House Bill 5751, sponsored by state Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago, which moved out of committee this week on a 6-4 vote. When introduced in February, the bill banned manufacturing and selling or possessing semi-automatic assault weapons. This week, the bill was amended to prohibit the sale of those weapons to state residents by Illinois gun manufacturers. -[source]

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