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Gutting the 2nd Amendment imperils freedom

I don’t drive a pickup truck with a gun rack.

I don’t hunt.

I’ve never fired a weapon and never intend to do so.

With all of that said, side effects I consider attempts to gut the words of the Founding Farmers in the Second Amendment as an assault on our collective freedom.

Those 27 well-chosen words are what set us apart from other people.

“A well regulated Militia, symptoms being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”The vast majority of guns rights advocates have no qualms with efforts to keep automatic weapons out of circulation or to establish reasonable gun control standards.

The assault on the Second Amendment in many quarters of this country is absolute. There is a growing clamor to severely restrict all guns or to favor outright bans. This is wrong-headed thinking for many reasons.

Use and knowledge of guns should not be reserved to the exclusive control of the state.

Most of the ideas that the United States is founded on weren’t all that radical back 234 years ago. Principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence and original Bill of Rights have existed in one form or another since the days of Ancient Athens.

The radical departure in 1776 was the ability of a people to set themselves free of tyranny. The gun – whether you like it or not – is what gave birth to the United States of America. The ideals espoused in the two founding documents wouldn’t have been worth the paper they were printed on if it hadn’t been for guns and the willingness of many to fight and die for liberty. Our freedom was won by guns and blood, not debate and diplomacy.

The world – especially Europe – claims we have a fascination with guns in this country. It was just 69 short years ago that an America fascinated with guns came to the rescue of the people of Europe and Asia.

It is amazing the level of commitment a truly free people takes to brothers and sisters around the globe they have never seen or met. We are a nation of strong believers in personal freedom and liberty. It is ingrained in the knowledge that the state doesn’t hold absolute control over us. -[source]

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