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Gun Rights Groups Rejoice, Local Sheriffs Cringe

They’re sworn to uphold the law, but some Iowa sheriff’s aren’t happy with new rules that take away their power to decide who can pack heat and who can’t.

Until now, sheriff’s have been able to deny people concealed/carry gun permits if they saw fit. Under the new law, they “must issue” permits to anyone without a felony conviction. Local sheriffs say that leaves the door wide open for guns to get in the wrong hands.

For gun rights group IowaCarry, the new legislation a considered victory.

“It takes the burden of proof away from the citizens and puts it on the sheriff so that the citizen doesn’t have to prove why they need the permit or why they want the permit. It puts that burden of proof on the sheriff to prove why he doesn’t feel they should have a permit,” explained Luke Nixa, Northwest Regional Director of IowaCarry.

For one local sheriff, it takes his better judgment out of the permit issuing process. What if the person applying is currently part of a criminal investigation?

“It takes that discretion away because we know we have information but there’s no criminal charge or conviction filed yet,” said Buena Vista County Sheriff Gary Launderville. “That puts a lot of people in jeopardy.”

The new law makes sheriff’s more accountable, saying they must give a reason why the permit was denied and allows people to appeal the decision.-[source]

1 comment to Gun Rights Groups Rejoice, Local Sheriffs Cringe

  • Bob Long

    I wish our number one RINO (Republican In Name Only) Sue Tibbs (Oklahoma Legislature) would allow passage of open Carry in OK. She has supressed it single handedly. She likes to hide behind her NRA card, which even Obama can get for a nominal fee and states she is for individual gun rights, but, her actions tell a different story. As far as a Sherriff being able to determine who can and who cannot carry, well, that is a load of crap. I can see a few sherrifs allowing a person to carry for a price, if you know what I mean. If a Sherrif does not like a person, ie because of their political views, or because of their religious views, or maybe their kid beat up the deputy’s kid in school, well, that is not right. I know human nature, regardless if they have a badge or not. Human nature is what it is and that is why every single person in America who is not afraid of guns, should get their CCW. with that said, I pray, that AMerica survives the next few years. I am afraid, we have started the ticking time bomb that will eventually go off, and ruin our nation to the point, that we will be taken over by the red chinese. I pray I am wrong. Bob Long, Tulsa, OK

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