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Mad Ogre running for public office in Utah

I am a political candidate now. It’s official. As I said before… I decided that I want to win and the State Senate is not one that I could win yet. I could run… but I did some research and found that the guy in that office right now isn’t going to be going anytime soon.

I’m running for the slot of State Representative for District 55. I went to the court house today and I submitted my paperwork and paid the fee… I’m a candidate. It’s done. I turned in as running as an independent Candidate, but that is no longer recognized in the State of Utah. Why? I don’t know. So I put down Libertarian.

The Republicans are having their big caucus meetings and there is a lot of political bickering and such going on… which in my opinion is part of the problem the Republicans have. That’s why we had McCain when we should have had anyone else. I just can’t play that game with those guys. So I’m running as a Libertarian.

If I win, the party affiliation doesn’t mean much… I’m Conservative with a lot of libertarian points of view. Utah needs some hard core conservatives there and I want to be one of them. – [source]

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