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Judge: Seattle parks gun ban is constitutional

A federal judge has ruled Seattle’s ban on carrying firearms in city parks and community centers is constitutional.

However, city officials said guns are not banned in Seattle parks.

Last month, a King County Superior Court judge ruled the gun ban is in direct violation of Washington state’s firearm pre-emption law.

“You still can bring your gun to the parks,” Parks Department spokeswoman Joelle Hammerstad said. “The U.S. District Court judge was only dealing with the constitutional issue, not the state issue and the state ruling still stands.”

Attorneys for the city are appealing the Superior Court case.

In the federal case, Robert Warden, of Kent, sued the city and former Mayor Greg Nickels, challenging the constitutionality of the rule created by the Seattle Parks Department that makes it illegal to carry concealed firearms or display firearms at certain parks facilities where “children and youth are likely to be present and . . . appropriate signage has been posted to communicate to the public that firearms are not permitted at the facility.” – [source]

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