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ATF is inviting Latin nations to boost role in tracking guns

U.S. law, such information is private and can be seen only by law-enforcers doing legitimate investigations.Thomasson said some identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, are edited out of the reports given to foreign police.

He said that fewer than a dozen Mexican police officers are allowed to use the system and that they have been vetted and undergone background checks by the ATF. The hope is that Mexico and other countries will eventually dedicate more officers to the task, Thomasson said.
However, the National Rifle Association said it is worried that encouraging more users abroad could lead to private information about gun owners being leaked to the public or criminals. “We don’t trust our own government to have a national list of gun owners, much less a government whose corruption is legendary,” Velleco said. “For the U.S. to give that type of government access to our records of gun owners is an outrage.” -[source]

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