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Cryo Chamber

No Common Sense in England

Gun-control advocates love to pretend they’re only pushing for “common-sense” laws, but I’d love to hear global gun-banner Rebecca Peters defend the law that’s going to put Paul Clarke behind bars for five years, all because he found a gun and turned it over to police.

According to the law in England, when Paul touched the shotgun that someone had thrown into his garden, he became a criminal. And when he went to the police station to hand over the shotgun, he ended up arrested and thrown in jail, despite the fact that the Surrey police tell residents they can report found firearms at the station.

Can Ms. Peters really claim that justice is being served here? Because of a bad law, a good man is going behind bars for five years. There is no common sense here, just the unjust outcome that inevitably results when a gun-banning ideology takes hold. – [source]

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