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Booby Prize

Since when do you get a prize – a Nobel Prize none-the-less – for intentions? Well, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama just did. Read Article. Now it’s official, the Nobel Prize is meaningless. It pains me to say that because I feel sorry for the people who have truely merited such an honor. In Obama’s case, this award is based on what he PLANS on doing rather than what he has done. Unlike most other honorees, his award had no accomplishment behind it, just the empty promises of ‘hope’ and ‘change’.

I have to wonder about the motivating forces behind the award. I have to wonder about the behind-the-scenes influences that drove such a specious accolade. Perhaps someone, somewhere, with influence who is behind Obama (or perhaps driving him as some might think), perhaps this person held sway over the Nobel Committee and saw this as an opportunity to boost his sagging popularity ratings. (Interestingly enough, it took only 150 days of Obama’s presidency for his ratings to plummet to a level that took George Bush’s ratings 5 years and a lot of main-stream media anti-Bush marketing.) Who knows who or what motivation really behind the award? We can’t know for certain without evidence. What we can know for certain is that there’s no meritorious accomplishment on Obama’s part that has made him deserving of the honor; furthermore, this action in an of itself now makes the Nobel prize worthless. This is an insult to those who have done great things to earn the honor, and the committee should bear shame for what they have done.
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Red State Radical

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