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Armed Citizens for 2010 candidates and business

One of the issues missing from the 2010 platform for conservatives, visit web libertarians and independents is how our authority is backed as the sovereign under our system of self-rule. In the U.S., search the government is not the sovereign, approved the people are the sovereign. As with all nations, the sovereign has a monopoly on all lethal force. This includes civilian oversight of the military, supervision of law enforcement, the right to self-defense, defense of another, and powers of citizen arrest.

More than a theory of interpretation, the second amendment’s words of art in well regulated militia meant every single adult be armed, since the concept of a national guard was not contemplated for another 130 years after the signing. In that new nation of self-rule, well regulated meant self-regulated. Today, United States Code recognizes the armed citizen as the unorganized militia, duly recognized and affirmed as not answering to the Commander-in-chief. U.S.C. Title 10, section 311.

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