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Ted Nugent Filming Next Season of Hunting TV Show

Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wild TV, produced and edited by the Nugent’s SpiritWild Productions, is currently shooting its next season while Ted is on the hunt in South Africa.

The show has won four straight Outdoor Television Golden Moose Awards and has been receiving praise for the program’s believability and down to earth connection as presented by the personality and passion of Ted’s hands-on, entertaining hunting lifestyle. Many viewers have testified that it is indeed Nugent’s delivery that has not only brought them to The Outdoor Channel, but has inspired entire families to fully equip themselves with outdoor gear in order to pursue the excitement that is so obviously enjoyed by the whole Nugent family on the Spirit Of The Wild TV show and tape series.

""Take that apartheid!" "Free South Africa ya dumb S.O.B.!"-Danny Glover from Leathal Weapon 2

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