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Rules of Gunfighting

Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive.
"Why did you shoot only once? There’s no additional paperwork for shooting someone twice!" — Firearms Instructor P.O.J.D., MOS debriefing after a shooting.

Bring ammo.

The right ammo.

Lots of it.

If you can choose what to bring to a gunfight, bring a long gun… and a friend with a long gun.

In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance or tactics. They will only remember who lived.

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If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading and running.


is relative: most combat shooting standards will be more dependent on

"pucker factor" than the inherent accuracy of the gun. Use a gun that

works every time.

"All skill is in vain when an Angel pisses in the flintlock of your musket."

Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

Always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.

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