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Cryo Chamber

Roy Rogers Antique Firearms to be Auctioned

As anyone would expect of a true cowboy collection, viagra 40mg there are several exceptional Colt single action army revolvers. An engraved and gold-plated Colt single action army revolver from the Roy Rogers Museum is estimated to bring $7,500 – $9,500. This is a highly decorated, Colt SAA revolver that is fully documented as one of the revolvers owned by one of the best known movie and television cowboy stars. Other Colts from this prominent collection include a Colt single action artillery model revolver ($4000 – $5500).

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No western collection is complete without a few good Winchester

lever actions. Among the 500+ Winchesters, this auction will offer two

fantastic factory engraved presentation grade Winchester Model 21 Grand

American two-barrel trap shotgun presented to and owned by Roy Rogers

and Dale Evans each estimated to bring upwards of $55,000. Each one is

an example of an original two-barrel set, model 21 Winchester

presentation grade, factory engraved, Grand American trap shotgun that

was commissioned or presented by the Winchester factory directly to Roy

Rogers and Dale Evans. In our generation of collectors every one knows

who Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were and they are very familiar with

their TV western shows and cowboy movies. However, few people knew that

both Roy and Dale were avid shotgun Trap and Claybird shooters for

many, many years, competing and winning at the highest levels of this


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