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City looking at getting into the firearms business

For the first time in at least 15 years, look the Colorado Springs Police

Department has stopped destroying weapons that have been confiscated in

criminal investigations and is looking into whether they can be

auctioned for profit.

The idea of selling confiscated firearms is the brainchild of Vice

Mayor Larry Small, who proposed it in February as a money-making

endeavor when the City Council was trying to close a nearly $17 million

budget gap.

Only Councilwoman Jan Martin sided with the Police Department, which

recommended against auctioning the weapons and essentially putting them

back on the street.

 “They are still looking into the different legal requirements and

how best we could actually sell the guns, what’s going to be the most

cost effective way for us to get it done,” said Sgt. Scott Schwall, a

police spokesman.

“We are not at a point yet where we’re going to sell any guns. But

we are researching it and should have a proposal for City Council here

in a month or so,” he said. [read more]

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