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The Blackwater Custom AR

by Eric Poole
It was only natural that the most renowned private security company develop its own rifle. Two factors stand behind this statement. Service and support to the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, as well as other numerous hotspots, has given this organization a unique insight into what works in combat.

Secondly, as a company composed of highly trained and experienced law enforcement and military veterans, the men behind the new Blackwater automatic rifle stand as a testament to reliability and dependability.

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But it’s Blackwater’s reputation for being adaptable in a fluid

battlefield that’s most evident in their new BW15 AR. Call it the

ultimate custom carbine.

The BW15 was a concept developed

by Blackwater’s highly-trained armory staff and is "built to meet the

demands of the consumer," says Blackwater’s armory chief Bill Kirkland.

"If you look at the BW15′s receiver, you will see that no specific

caliber is stamped under the manufacturer’s mark. This is because the

consumer determines the caliber and what goes on it."

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