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MIT invents something like the Virtual Light device

Decades after the imaginings of William Gibson (in his book Neuromancer) prompted the invent Virtual Reality and the way we navigate the Internet (according to some pundits), some MIT researchers have designed a device which can seamlessly channel Internet data into daily routines, and turn any surface of any object into a touchscreen for controlling computing by using simple hand gestures. 

The ‘Sixth Sense’ device can look at a book shelf, a grocery store shelf or even an airplane ticket and provide you data about the subject (authors, prices, schedules, etc).  This sounds very much like the ‘Virtual Light’ device (in the form of dark eye glasses) from William Gibson’s book of the same name.

"Other than letting some of you live out

your fantasy of looking as cool as Tom Cruise in ‘Minority Report’ it

can really let you connect as a sixth sense device with whatever is in

front of you," said MIT researcher Patty Maes. – [source]

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