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Tough Times For The Firearms World

To say that things in the gun business lately have been volatile would

be an understatement. The market forces that are affecting the overall

supply of firearms, ammunition and related gear are also having a

profound effect on police agency purchasing and training. Although law

enforcement and even military purchasing is usually a steady source of

income, the real money for most of the manufacturers is in the

commercial market. That market, of course, includes a lot of private

purchases by police officers and their families. In my opinion, the

term Perfect Storm has been overused a lot lately, but something akin

to that is occurring in the gun world, and it is going to get worse.

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There have been a number of factors influencing the firearms trade for several years that have been felt by agencies for quite a while now. Probably the most obvious one is the cost and availability of ammunition. Supply has been tight in that arena because of two major factors, the military conflicts in the Middle East and the cost of raw materials.

The military side of it should be obvious. There is a lot of military consumption going on and they have been using up a good bit of the production capability of several ammo manufacturers. That is a good thing for the bottom line of those companies, but it doesn’t leave a lot left for other segments of the market. This is simply supply and demand. The other factor that often gets overlooked is the supply, and therefore cost, of the materials to make the ammunition. Those costs have been skyrocketing for some components, and at least steadily increasing for others. Any of you who have been investigating the thefts of copper and other metals are certainly aware of the volatility in the metals markets. Those same metals are needed to make the ammunition in your guns.

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