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Cryo Chamber

Ballistic Fingerprinting Ploy Ineffective

nOama and crew parrot they want federal legislation for ballistic fingerprinting.
In which a the primer of a shell casing is imprinted with a certain code with the pull of the trigger, registered to a firearm(when built). Supposedly this will aid in crime fighting.

Shell casings are already embedded with information when spent, which is typically viewed from a microscope.

If you’ve bought a firearm recently that was built in states such as Maryland, you’ll receive a spent shell casing with your firearm. Another state which has it’s own database is New York. Never mind, like anything in life, the information can be altered, by filing the firing pin or changing out the barrel, making the database useless.

Back to New York and their database, officials are now admitting the database is INEFFECTIVE at fighting crime.

This crime fighting technique is another backdoor gun control scheme aimed at raising the costs of manufacturing and purchases. [source]

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