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AFL-CIO targets gun owners with lies supporting Obama

Micro-targeting is the name of the game in this election, and the AFL-CIO (can you say Brady Anti-GunTards?) is about to unleash one of its most micro-targeted pushes yet — a blitz of mailers defending nObama on gun rights that’s aimed strictly at union households made up of gun owners.

Read more…"I want to protect two things: My job and my gun," union member (and traitor to the 2nd Amendment cause) Mike Day says in the mailer. "That’s why I’m supporting Barack Obama."

The union’s decision to depart from a strictly economic message and to edge into the culture wars is driven in part by a stepped up campaign in the battlegrounds by the National Rifle Association, which has run ads accusing Obama of conspiring to take away people’s guns. – [source]

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