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Benefits Of a John MkKain Presidency

1. liberals get someone in the White House that agrees with their agenda
2. If Republicans regain their majority in the Senate and House, we have a President that will likely sign bills sent that will benefit America.
3. MkKain is old, he may not live out a full 1st term. :D
4. Should MkKain get elected it would open up his Arizona Senatorial seat! Arizona can finally elect a Republican Senator that will consider Arizona’s best intersts!
5. No socialized medicine!
6. Personally I had hoped Ron Paul would be the Republican nominee, should MkKain be chosen, perhaps Paul will be his running mate, if not, hopefully Romney will be chosen.
7. I can’t really think of any other benefits of MkKain being the nominee, because MkKain is a piece of shite liberal in a Republican suit.
8. Mkkain is old, he may have a heart attack and croak off from the excitement of winning the Presidential election, ceding the Presidency to the vice President.
9. If MkKain chooses Romney as his running mate, Romney becomes the President after MkKains unfortunate heart attack on Nov. 08, 2008.
10. Benefits of Romney as the sucessor to the MkKain legacy, women start wearing dresses again! Gotta love those Mormon women!  

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