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Cryo Chamber

Dungeons of Daggorath

While staggering my way through the severe waste of time that Wikipedia is, I encountered a blast from my past… Dungeons of Daggorath.  Many an hour was wasted in Jr. High Basic Programming classes playing this game on the TRS-80 computer (while I should have been programming).

Many weeks were dedicated at home during my formative teen years playing the very same game on my TRS-80 color 3 (though I don’t ever recall beating the blasted wizard(s) displayed in the image to the left)…

I haven’t a CLUE where I put the cartridge or the computer (or a TV I would dare plug the screen-burning beasty into), but that matters not because it has been ported to the Windows platform.  If Windows Vista was created for anything, surely it must be the the PC-PORT of this awesome game.  

The port has available some nice extensions like random maps, twinking equipment (what hearty compuer adventurer wouldn’t love that) and sound enhancements. Plays full screen only (from what I can tell) so don’t play it at work!

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