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Delorean Dreams Come True

 Thank you Texas! The Delorean motor company has been purchased (and moved to Texas) and now you can order your own Delorean (minus the Flux Capacitor) from

I am thinking of trading in the ’03 BMW and getting myself a piece of history (+ some of the newer addons like IPOD connectivity, Xenon lights, enhanced suspension, beefed up engine, XM Radio and maybe a Mr. Fusion power-plant).

Yes, it’s a sick dream, but the stainless steel exterior will match nicely with my .45 H&K USP (with stainless slide) and my all-stainless AMT .45 backup.  If the terrorists try chasing me around in a VW Van, I will push this little baby up passed 88 mph and leave a flaming trail of lead behind me.

Of course, I haven’t broached the subject with my wife and financial advisor, so this might not happen until I pay off my guitars and hockey equipment. (yikes, that could take all year)!

A good portion of my Adult Hockey League team-mates (the Komets) own Mini’s and often tease me that my BMW is ‘trying to be a mini"… Well I will scoff at their pitiful mini’s with a new set of Gull-Wing doors. So Naahh!! 

Wait… This isn’t a "hatch-back" is it?  Ahh, forgeddaboudit. 

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