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This Sunday morning there was a very disturbing propaganda broadcast on CBSs’ FACE THE NATION.
There were  few law makers admitting that a hearing on firearms was coming up in the Senate.
Make no mistake folks, this is going to be bigger than it seems, no wonder the dem’s were keeping hush hush on the moments following the tragedy at VT.
There mention of getting an Attorney General and President that would follow through with the legislation "necessary" to prevnt this type of tragedy from happening again. And Ill bet those interviewed weren’t going to abolish victim disarment zones. It has to be the new MkKarthy bill H.R. 1022.
Sarah Brady and her cronies lied with a straight face to the camera and mentioned gun control advocates are not for taking away anyone’s firearms, just making it harder for those that should not have firearms to gain access to them.
We as law abiding citizens need to make sure no feel good legislation gets rammed through that prevents us from defending what means most to us.
For our families, for ouselves, for our Forefathers and the country they left us.

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