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SUMMARY: When the FAA issued a final rule on human space flight, it described one rule as consistent with the Second Amendment of the Constitution because, among other things, the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment is a collective right. The FAA now withdraws that characterization and amends its description.

The Executive Branch, through the Department of Justice, interprets the Second Amendment as securing a right of individuals to keep and bear arms. (See Memorandum for the Attorney General from Steven G. Bradbury, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, et al., Re: Whether The Second Amendment Secures An Individual Right (Aug. 24, 2004), available at ). In light of this interpretation, the FAA is withdrawing the statement made in the final rule.
Regardless of the nature of the right, however, it remains true, as we noted, that the right is, like any other, not unfettered.

"Now the debate can focus on the "fettering" (read "infringing") aspect of the rule. You may ask "so what?" as if this changes nothing, but in fact, withdrawing the collective rights interpetation is significant, and here’s the reality I want WoG readers to walk away understanding: If you know you’re right, keep pushing–even if those with vastly more reach ignore you and others actively oppose you or put you down for it–all of which happened in this case. We can’t let that deter us from doing what’s right. We, and by that, know that it includes YOU, can effect change when the truths we present are undeniable."

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