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A new 2nd Ammendment Podcast

Ok so as forum for a bunch of gun toting geeks what is more up out ally than a 2nd Ammendment podcast. The podcast like all podcasts does not require an IPOD or even Itunes but both are useful to some extent. It is called GunCast and you can find it either in Itunes or at The host is a man by the name of Kevan he is a great guy, capsule for the most part a libertarian and most of the shows focus around self defense and ccw issues although there is always much news and user reviews of new products. Currently I think there are 9 episodes all of which can be downloaded from the archives. I think its a great forum for gun enthusiest and geeks alike. Also the host is quite a geek so it works well. Anyway that is all

"Keep them in the 10 range"

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