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Cryo Chamber

21st Century Firepower

When involved in a close-Quarter Battle (CQB) situation (also referred to as FISH (Fighting In Someones House and often referred to as FISCH, or ‘Fighting In Some C#nts House’ by the British Army), one of the worst thing to have to do is stick your head round a corner or doorframe, or above the safe haven of a gulley or trench. Until recently, this was only avoidable through the expensive addition of a Cyberoptic Triangulation Sight and the surgery involved in optic augmentation. Now, a more immediate solution has been developed.

The CORNERSHOT system is not about to revolutionise urban warfare, but it will give those using it a definite edge over those not using it. CORNERSHOT has already been acquired by police and special forces units around the world after trials took place, and is in use in many cities as we speak. The system itself will only be available to the military or law enforcement communities.

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