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Email your Texas Senators

Dear Senator, website like this

It has come to my attention that Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) is attempting to amend several anti-freedom/anti-2nd Amendment ideals into House Bill 225 which extends the term of a renewed Concealed Handgun License (CHL) from 4 to 5 years (saving tax dollars and showing the rest of America that Texas believes in its citizens and their rights.)

I would surely appreciate it Senator, page if you would take a good look at House Bill 225 and fully support it in the Senate. I would even more appreciate your opposition to Sen. Ellis and his attempts to obstruct common sense issues.

In addition to this, site House Bill 823 takes important steps towards clarifying that law-abiding Texans may carry a handgun for protection in their vehicles without a CHL. While I am a CHL holder, I have trouble traveling with my wife on a daily basis to offer her the same protections that I provide for myself with my RIGHTS as a Arms Bearing Citizen. I would deeply desire the legal ability to leave a firearm in my wife’s vehicle so she may have ready access to it in the event where she would have needed to protect herself and our children.

As you know Senator, we Americans practically live in our vehicles, and I see no reason why a law abiding citizen should be without the same protections they enjoy in their homes. Please look earnestly at House Bill 823 and support families who don’t have police protection like a Senator might.

Thank you. I will see you in the voting booth.

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