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Halo2 Code Released on the Internet

Microsoft is investigating the recent on-line release of a pirated copy of the forthcoming Xbox “Halo 2” game, buy warning that downloading the code, help or making it available for download, clinic will be treated as theft.

Halo 2 is the sequel to the best selling “Halo: Combat Evolved” game, and is due to go on sale on 9th November.

According to reports, a pirated copy of a European version of the game was released onto the internet late on Wednesday, but is unlikely to have a serious impact on sales because of copy protection mechanisms contained in the Xbox console itself. Unless the Xbox has been illegally modified these will prevent the game being played.

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A posting on the web site of Bungie, the games’ developer, confirmed the release yesterday, and called on members of the Bungie community to help in the investigation.

“Anyone who has information regarding the leak of the game or individuals or web sites promoting the download of these illegal files is asked to please contact us by sending e-mail to or calling 1-800-RULEGIT,” says the posting. “We also ask that you help us minimise the spoilers for those opting to wait for the retail release by refraining from posting screens, talking about the story and deleting any such posts you encounter.”

Microsoft, which owns Bungie, was blunt in its condemnation of the release.

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