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GunMuse Goes for the Google the largest firearm portal on the net today at more than 10,000 requests per day for firearms is going after the Google ad boycott. Google ads is one of the highest paying search affiliate programs on the net but boycotts firearm retailers from selling their wares through paid advertisering.

Read more…GunMuse has spent years building a system to replace the loss of revenue to the firearm industry through online advertising boycotts. Finding less than 1% of requested firearm searches go unfilled, GunMuse Outdoors has broke new ground in web site building and search engine technology.

Knowing that pro-guns sites are being cut off from sources of ad dollars they have built a Ad box style release of their online search. GunMuse knows that only 10% of the requests that come through their search are actually filled with more than 4.3 million dollars a day in lost revenue to the Firearm Industry. GunMuse Claims that number will go down once retailers are educated to the better options being made available to them.

Its GunMuse’s hope that keeping pro-gun ad dollars on pro-gun websites will help the entire industry find new growth that was realized in 2000 and 2001 until boycotts were strongly enforced by MSN, Yahoo, Overture and Google in 2002.

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