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Swipe toolkit

“The SWIPE Toolkit is a collection of web-based tools that sheds light on personal data collection and usage practices in the United States. The tools demonstrate the value of personal information on the open market and enable people to access information encoded on a driver’s license or stored in some of the many commercial data warehouses.”

Decode your barcode/Request your data/Data calculator Calculator:

How much is your personal information worth? Why are you just giving it away whenever it is requested? Use this handy calculator to determine the fair market value of your data bits so you can demand proper monetary compensation. Now when you release information that will later be sold for a profit, at least you’ll be getting a cut. Use this calculator here online or download it to your PDA and make calculations “on the go.”

Seems to me that revealing whether or not I am “packing” should be worth more than $.25

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